About Us
About Mirac
Mirac was founded in 2019 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, South of China. We keep working at creating high-quality PPF with high brightness, high weather resistance pure optical TPU PPF. We have reached over 20,000 rolls of sales last year in China, and this year in 2023 this number will go above 30,000 rolls.

Mirac with our suppliers are altogether dedicated to creating excellent products. We own a team of experts in the field of elastomeric polymer materials, mechanical equipment, coating engineering, and production processes. We have developed a full set of unique process technologies, including dual-layer coextrusion technology, self-healing coating technology, and more.
Our Advantages
Raw Materials
Supply of High-Performance TPU Raw Material Particles: We have established long-term partnership with top TPU material suppliers in the world.

Identification Capability of High-Performance TPU Raw Material Particles: We possess the expertise to identify complex systems of polyester, polyether, polyadipate, polycarbonate, and other TPU raw material particles.
Equipment and Facilities
Imported Equipment: We have imported a complete set of TPU film production equipment.

Non-standard Equipment: We have the capability to independently design, customize, and continuously optimize non-standard equipment according to specific requirements.

Manufacturing Capability: Our first and second production lines are already operational, each with designed production capacity to 400,000 meters monthly.
Process Technology
Equipment Design: All equipments are specifically designed to serve various production process.

Our process and equipment are designed to serve specific materials, ensuring a deep understanding of their properties.
Self-healing Coating: Self-healing coating technologies developed by our R&D teams.

TPU material: Hight-quality imported granule with advanced USA-imported facilities.

Glue: Ashland from America

Supporting facilities: Capability of custom-designed manufacturing process
Our team consists of experts in thermoplastic elastomer polymers, mechanical equipment, coating engineering, and production processes.
Technical Support
We have a comprehensive technical service system in place to ensure product quality and provide customers with a one-stop product service. Our aim is to assist customers in achieving excellence in TPU film products.